Forever Ft Broods, Flight Facilities, 2021
Production design, music video

Brighton and Surrey, UK
Burning reel Productions

Director: Joshua Stocker
Producer: Johny Chhetri
DOP: Joe Douglas
Art director: Rana Fadavi
Camera trainee: Will Craft
1st AD: Samuel Mines
Drone operator: Andy Hayes
Spotter: Cath Adam
OSC operator: David Waithe
Runner/driver: Junior Ayaji, Joe Dodd
Runner: Alexandra Yardley
Cast: Thomas Blackburne, Serena Wright, Jonas Hosbond, Nataniel Farah, Jasmine Yelland, Jack Roper

In Forever, we follow a group of young friends living in a world where the rest of humanity seems to have disappeared. An apocalypse is never seen but feel its effects through the course of the film.

The narrative therefore revolves around how a group of kids' lives in this otherworldly circumstance whilst dealing with teenage angst, insecurity, a need for connection, and a need to rebel.