Storehouse, 2017
Performance design

The space that I present evokes a museum’s storeroom. It is an exhibition’s waiting room or the museum’s backstage. Suspended in time, this place guards an eternal youth. As they are wandering, the spectators are equipped with flashlights. I suggest a state between life and death. Performers, sculptural bodies, fill the space. However, in movement, they are disembodied, changed into images. Two different times confront each other: that of the preserved bodies and that of the spectators facing them.

My proposal is polysemic: we are simultaneously in the world of art (restoration) and of science (hospital, laboratory). What is this medical relation that we have with our body as well as with works of art? The 3 performers are disembodied; they follow the current standards of beauty: they are young, white, smooth and clean. In their stillness, displaying a process of cleaning, make up and grooming, they disincarnate themselves.

My graduation project, linked with my thesis, was created within the context of the DNSEP, Postgraduate degree in set design. My work process consisted of creating the set and the performance. I elaborated a storyboard of the different movements made by the performers and the changes of light and sounds. The set was designed using scale models and scale 1 testing. A team of performers, make-up artists, photographer, cameraman, set builders and set dressers that I coordinated helped me bring this project to life.

Partners: HEAR, University of Strasbourg, Museums of the city of Strasbourg, Science Garde, Habitat